Join Our Growing Team

Looking for an exciting career in accounting? Hungry to learn more and advance quickly in your career? Then you’ve come to the right place.

At Vertaccount, our accountants are not just employees – they are our partners and best assets. We provide them with enough room to learn and grow while maintaining a fun, professional and healthy work environment. The perks and benefits are plenty and we are continuously looking for passionate and energetic individuals who can be part of our growing family.

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5 Reasons To Be Part Of Vertaccount

There are countless reasons why you should become part of us. Here’s a quick summary:

1. A Dynamic Working Environment

At Vertaccount, you can explore the various fields of accounting.

Gone are the days of endlessly focusing on just one aspect of accounting such as accounts payable, bills processing, and the like. Here at Vertaccount, you can be assigned to a non-profit and practice non-profit accounting or to a restaurant and practice cost accounting. If you’re looking for constant challenge, you can even opt to be part of the migration team handling various clients in need of various types of accounting.

2. A Fun and Professional Team

At Vertaccount, everyone is fun-loving yet strictly professional.

Your team leaders are not just your bosses – they are also your friends. We promote a fun-loving work atmosphere where everyone can freely express themselves and remain true to who they are. Yet on top of that, professionalism is observed and practiced at all times to ensure excellent work performance.

3. A Commitment to Work/Life Balance

At Vertaccount, we do not expect you to act like robots.

We know you’re humans and we recognize that as humans, the only way to be truly effective is to live a life outside the workplace. That’s why we conduct quarterly and annual team building activities which happens in and out of the Metro. We also encourage a balanced lifestyle by ensuring that our staffs’ workloads are within the limits they can manage.


4. An Equal Opportunity Employer

At Vertaccount, we recognize talent when we see it.

We hire people base on their talents and attitude. We know that skills take time to develop but those with enough passion and dedication to their work will soon enough develop the skills needed to excel in it. Those with enough will power and determination can soon find themselves rising up the ranks and handling teams of their own. Those who show promising talents are given tasks that will develop them further and allow them to shine through. At Vertaccount, you are guaranteed growth.

5. A Competitive Compensation Structure

At Vertaccount,we compensate you by the performance you deliver.

We recognize that there are moments when you would perform better than what is expected. And when that happens, we compensate you accordingly to your efforts. Our basic pay is not just competitive but our bonus packages are as well. And beyond just monetary compensation, we also have reward schemes in place that ensures employees are rewarded for going the extra mile with their service.


At Vertaccount, we are not just a team, we are a family. Don’t be left out! Check our latest job postings and join us today.