More Than Your Average Accountant

At Vertaccount, we believe your business deserves meaningful financial insights without the hassles and headaches that come with it.

Accounting is an integral aspect of any business. It should be relatively easy to manage. Yet most business owners are stuck trying to manage their books instead of focusing on growing their business. This is what Bernice Parsons experienced when she started her retail business in Hawaii back in the mid-2000s.

In January 2011, and after many bookkeeping-related headaches, Bernice, together with long-time college buddy Aye Navarro, founded Vertaccount – an accounting firm which utilizes an offsite team to help deliver expert accounting services to businesses in Hawaii. They both wanted to help small business owners derive meaningful financial insights despite their limited capital, time and expertise. They believed that these businesses should not be deprived of the same opportunities as larger companies simply because they aren’t able to tap the same level of resources.

Today, Vertaccount has expanded to other Pacific-rim countries after just three (3) years of operations. Already, the company is present in Australia and California helping businesses make sense of their financial records.


Our Mission and Philosophy

At Vertaccount, our mission is to empower our clients to make informed decisions and become a real contributor to their success. Our aim is to become our client’s indispensible partners as we add value to our client’s lives and businesses.

We believe that we are not just an accounting service provider but also strategic partners to our clients. Hence, as partners, we are truly vested in their success. From the first time our clients sign up, we work with them to develop procedures and practices that would grow their accounting function into an effective part of their business. As a result, our clients do not just get peace of mind that their books are in order but also get a foundation for meaningful financial information.

We recognize that insightful reporting is a collaborative process and we derive that level of engagement with our clients. Our service approach is highly proactive and we work closely with each client to ensure that their accounting information is both current and accurate with the goal of maintaining or increasing profitability.

Our Manila Back Office



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