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Vertaccount Masquerade Annual Party 2017

December 8, 2017 – To celebrate seven wonderful years of success, togetherness and working hard, Vertaccount organized an annual party where all employees, glammed up to a masquerade theme held at Herald Suites, Makati City.

Every year, in lieu of a traditional corporate holiday party, Vertaccount recognizes the employees who have stand out and have given their best over the year. Having these people on the team makes a huge difference.

Vertaccount honored the employees in several aspects:

  • Most Valuable Person (Associate Level)– for the associates that have displayed exemplary services and have shown consistency and dedication to work.
  • Most Valuable Person (Team Lead/Supervisor)– for the team leaders and supervisors that have displayed exemplary services and have shown consistency and dedication to work.
  • Most Improved Associate– for the associate who has significantly improved his/her performance.
  • Best in Client Service (Subteam) – for the team who has highest survey rating from the clients.
  • Highest Team Billing – for the team who handles the most complex processes, therefore, accruing the highest billings.
  • Highest Individual Billing – for the associate who handles a big client, which has a complex process and a high monthly billing rate.

The party was attended by Vertaccount employees who all look fabulous and made an effort incorporating the masquerade theme. Everyone has enjoyed singing with the band, dancing on the floor, drinks and some great food accompanied by team performances.

Team Manila & Big Island (Winner)

Team Wellthie (1st Place Winner)

Team Support (2nd Place Winner)

Team Maui

Team Melbourne

And for the most anticipated part of the night, the numerous raffle gifts & incentives given by a generous Boss – Aye Navarro. It was a fun-filled night!

Raffle Winners

Mr. & Ms. Star of the Night 2017

Team Vertaccount

Thanks to the concerted efforts of everyone here. Vertaccount is walking to a brighter future. We firmly believe that with the guidance of the CEO Aye Navarro and with the diligence of all staff,  we will surely acquire a more competitive advantage, stronger team, and success.

Congratulations again to all the winners! 



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