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Last October 27, 2017, Vertaccount celebrated the 3rd quarter employee recognition event with a dinner buffet party held at Vikings SM Jazz Mall.

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This fun-filled buffet dining experience has become one of the most exciting traditions in Vertaccount. It is an opportunity to celebrate success. The event was hosted by our accountants – Jogenn Gagarin and John Mark Cumal.

As the highlight of the evening, a reward and recognition session was given by Mr. Aye Navarro for employees who have distinguished themselves with outstanding performance, leadership by example, and commitment to the company. We want to celebrate this milestone and recognize each of our talented employees for the difference they make for Vertaccount.

We honored the employees in several aspects:

  • Espresso Yourself– for the employees that have displayed exemplary services and have shown consistency and dedication to work.
  • Stress Buster– for the employees who still continue to perform and handle the work even under stressful circumstances.
  • Early Regularization– for the new hire employees who have been performing well in their first three months.

Aye Navarro, Vertaccount CEO, has also presented the company updates and how Vertaccount continues to explore other services in terms of advisory and high-level projects. “We are a strong team and will continue to grow”, said Aye Navarro.  He also introduced Carmelita Andia, President of Business Growth Solutions LLC, whose company has recently been acquired by Vertaccount and has joined the team as a Business Development Manager.

Apart from the company updates and honorable employee recognition, Aye also introduced a new application – BlinkistBlinkist distills the key insights of 2,000+ best selling nonfiction books into a powerful 15-minute read or listen. This application helps boost everyone’s knowledge and gain a new perspective to become a better and smarter. This aims to help Vertaccount employees have the flexibility to continue learning even on the go.

The dinner event was attended by Vertaccount employees and invited guests. HR initiated a lot of fun games followed by the performances from the new hires.  A culture that makes Vertaccount one happy family.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the evening and went home with a smile and a motivation to improve for the next quarter.

Congratulations again to all the winners!

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