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4 Top Tips on Running a Business Remotely

We live in an era of innovation and infinite possibilities. Today’s ambitious leaders in all fields and the technology made available to the public make for previously unthinkable feats of ingenuity, leadership, and motivation. In other words, if you want to do something, you have an insane number of tools at your disposal to do it.

One of the lies that you might have been told, or that you have told yourself, is that you must always be on the scene if you want to have a successful business. You might have thought that running a business remotely is impossible, but that’s not true.

It might have been, no doubt, a decade or two ago, but today, there’s nothing stopping you from leading a very successful business anytime, anywhere you want.  Today, it’s possible to set up your business operational for serving the United Kingdom market, having it legally headquartered in Ireland and pursue your lifelong goal of moving to Peru – all at the same time.

But how can you achieve all that? Here are four top tips to get your started:

1. Invest in people

There’s no choice; this one is a must-do. Leading a business remotely is possible but you need really strong connection with people you trust entirely. You can’t hope to keep things from falling apart if you don’t trust or can’t put your faith in the people left back home to begin with. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you hire personnel that you can trust and that will keep things under control locally.

2. Invest in technology

In order to keep a constant and efficient connection with your business, you need to invest in tech. For example, a mobile USB wireless adapter for your laptop will always provide you with an internet connection and a tablet or high end smartphone will let you get a mobile grip on your operations even when in mid-travel.

Just because you’re boarding a train to go visit a local vineyard doesn’t mean that you can’t give your “lieutenants” orders through your trusty tablet.

3. Organizer apps

Using organizer apps that help you keep information neat and tight at all times is also important. In order to always have any type of information you require, you need to get apps like Evernote or OneNote, but also apps for graphs and whatnot. Getting constant reports is an efficient way of keeping your finger on your business’ pulse.

And the way to make sure you have unlimited access to these notes and graphs and important files is by getting into cloud computing. Cloud computing services are available from multiple providers, including Google and their Google Drive service (which is actually one of the best available).

4. Remember to take days off

Just because you don’t have a conventional “office” and you’re not working from the office doesn’t mean that you should skip out on holidays and personal vacations. Even if you’re in a completely different place, you must treat yourself equally and enjoy those free days. Working every day just because you have a different working environment will put off your mindset.

The only thing stopping you from working remotely is yourself. You have both the technology and the leadership skills to carry on even when you’re not there, so go out there and work from wherever you want.

This article originally appeared on Noobpreneur and was repurposed with permission.

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