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Bernice Speaks Again At COC Event

Bernice Parsons delivered another educational talk about back office outsourcing during the recent Chamber of Commerce Hawaii Focus On Series.

The event was conducted last Oct. 5, 2016 at the local chamber’s office. It was attended by chamber members and several guests who wanted to learn about back office outsourcing and how to make the most out of it. Bernice discussed about how she started Vertaccount and the lessons she gained from being in the outsourcing business for more than 10 years.

She taught the participants how to make outsourcing work best for them and what are the best practices that they must observe in order to maximize outsourcing. While outsourcing is not really for everybody and there are really some functions you cannot outsource, Bernice showed that if you have the right mindset and can find the right tasks to outsource, then you can really profit from outsourcing. Outsourcing helps business owners save money by making their operations more efficient and by helping them tap expert talent for a fraction of the usual cost.

Back Office Outsourcing has gain popularity among small business owners in the past years because of the recent advances in technology that allows anyone to tap great talent overseas and actually be able to manage a smooth running operations with members living across different continents. Outsourcing has then become a smart move for any business owner hoping to grow their business without a very huge capital infusion.

Other speakers joined Bernice to discuss the benefits and pitfalls of back office outsourcing. They were Reg Baker, notable outsourced CFO; Nelson Befitel, Chief Counsel ProService Hawaii and Cara Heilmann, VP Hawaii Operations and Senior HR Consultant at Vantaggio HR.

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