Our clients trust us to manage one of the most important functions of their business – bookkeeping.

We process over 13,000 bills, manage $125 million in revenues and complete over 2.4 million transactions per year for over 200 clients. With our help, our clients can stop worrying over their bookkeeping and start focusing on growing their business.

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“Vertaccount fully manages our accounting function. They have allowed us to work as efficiently as possible while giving us the financial insight we need to confidently manage our business.”

Warren Daniel, Owner

“You guys are great!! Would be lost with out you!!!”

Nicole Kurtz, Operations Manager

“Individual expertise, team support and technical assistance have been exemplary.  Excellent.”

Kukui Maunakea-Forth, Executive Director,

“The Vertaccount team proactively manages our accounts and responds efficiently to our changing needs. We really couldn’t have reached this level of success without their continued support and personalized attention.”

Sherry F. Campagna, CEO,

“You have saved me so much time and stress by handling the back office work of my business and have given me time to have a life again. That is priceless! Thank you so much.”

Philip Lemoine Jr., Owner,

“Thanks Team Vertaccount, Wendy is the best I have seen thus far… I feel 100% comfortable knowing she is managing my books.”

“It exceeds expectations with Ray on the job! Ray is great and has given us a confident feeling about our bookkeeping efforts.”

Michael Hruby, President,

“Vertaccount’s accounting services and support have allowed us to focus on business growth and have been instrumental in helping us manage our projects to profitability. Their financial management reports, which were customized and tailored to our specific needs, as well as their responsive service have been a great asset to our operation.”

Dante Aragon, President,

“You and your team never cease to amaze me with your proactive, thorough and thoughtful approach to what you do.”

J. Stanson, Board Member,

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